Assessment and Advocacy

School interventions are often needed. These include 504 Accommodation Plans, Student Study Teams, IEPs, etc. Federal Law mandates schools provide reasonable accommodations for students with conditions that interfere with major life activities, such as learning. Please contact your school administrator for more information.


A school advocate may be of help facilitating working out a program that meets the child’s needs.  Or the following resources might be helpful in determining what your child is entitled to:


  • Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, Peter W.D. Wright and Pamela Darr Wright.  Also see The Wrightslaw Website.Two very helpful chapters in their books are ‘Letter to a Stranger’ & ‘Tests & Measures.’
  • Special Education Rights and Responsibilities, by Community Alliance for Special Education (CASE) (415) 431-2292 and Protection and Advocacy (PAI). Both agencies provide school advocacy for families in the Bay Area
  • The Complete IEP Guide:  Nolo Press


School interventions at College Level:

School interventions are often needed for those with AD/HD and other learning disorders or those with unusual learning styles; and almost all colleges have a Disabled Students center or a special needs department.


Work Accommodations and Help:

Work accommodations are often needed to help employees with emotional or learning problems be successful with employment.  Federal Law mandates employers under the Americans with Disabilities Act to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with conditions that interfere with major life activities, such as work.  Please contact your employer or the Office of Civil Rights or try the Chadd website.


Consider contracting Jody Lewitter, esq 510-452-5000


Educational assessment or therapy for learning disabilities:

If the testing that we did suggested the presence of a learning disability.  Please consider having this fully evaluated through a neuropsychological assessment:

Two top evaluators are:

  • Cynthia Peterson, Ph.D. Berkeley, CA 510-843-2005 ext. 3. Also an I.E.P. consultant and forensic expert.