Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology can be helpful to those with disorders that make academics difficult:

  • Franklin MWD-1490 Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus with Comprehensive Reference Set
  • Timetimer is a visual timer that lets children know how much time is left even if they do not know how to tell time.
  • Audio or tape recorder and a transcriptionist or Speech Recognition Software. (IBM product, Microsoft or Dragon, Naturally Speaking)
  • The following companies provide e-text books;

Benetech’s BookShare

International Children’s Digital Library

Digital Book Libraries


For Memory:

  • The Memory Book by Lucas and Lorraine
  • The Brain Fitness Gym by Michael Merzenich, MD


For Improving Random Access or Working Memory:

“Cogmed” program:

  • Dr. David Green, PhD at 707-428-3435;


Fast-Forward I, Fast-Forward II or the more advanced ‘Step-Forward’ by Scientific Learning Corporation 

(877) 607-8485, a program to improve auditory discrimination, comprehension and audio-visual integration.